Manitoba Buckskin Acquisition- Press Release

Southern Chiefs Economic Development Corporation Working to Preserve First Nations Traditions by Acquiring Manitoba Buckskin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2019

WINNIPEG, MB- The Southern Chiefs Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) is set to acquire local traditional hide tanning business, Manitoba Buckskin, effective January 6, 2020.

“The art of tanning wild animal hides has been a traditional First Nations practice for many generations of our people. Not only was it an art, but the hides were used to make our clothing and later was one of our biggest resources used in trade with other nations and settlers. As with all First Nation traditions, we must work to preserve our culture and remember how our ancestors lived and survived before us,” says Jerry Daniels, Chairman of the Board and SCEDC Founder. “I am thrilled about the Manitoba Buckskin acquisition! We will continue to make strategic moves to support and uplift our First Nations communities and strive for ways to teach age-old traditions to our future generations.”

About Southern Chiefs Economic Development Corp: SCEDC was launched in 2018, with the intention to enhance and strengthen the economic base of the SCO’s 34 Southern Manitoba First Nation members. The SCEDC will focus its efforts towards the pursuit of economic reconciliation in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships in order to create employment and training opportunities for Indigenous workers on a full-time or contract basis. Furthermore, SCEDC has entered into Joint-Venture Agreements with organizations that focus on building national skills inventories/databases of the Indigenous workforce to maximize the existing and future potential of southern First Nation communities.

“The opportunity to preserve a traditional First Nations skill passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years and convert it into an opportunity for people to start their own business within their community is a start to building a local economy,” says Kerry Swanson, CEO of SCEDC. “We are excited to partner with Carl to make this a reality.”

About Manitoba Buckskin: Manitoba Buckskin produces all-natural, brain-tanned smoked buckskin leather and natural unbleached rawhide using methods and processes that have been passed down for many generations. The leather made at Manitoba Buckskin follows a strict guideline to make sure the leather is made exactly how it was made within each region for thousands of years. Other services including educational workshops that teach traditional drum making and hide tanning. Manitoba Buckskin prides itself on providing a unique, culturally relevant, yet superior product that is not commercially available.

“I am very pleased to partner with SCEDC. Manitoba Buckskin will continue to honor the wild animals we live with, to practice this traditional art, and to share this art form with the world”” says Carl Froese, Operations Manager at Manitoba Buckskin. “It is very rewarding to be a part of a long chain of ancient knowledge creating all natural, locally sourced drums all while making the best leather in the world.”




For Media Information Contact:

Lauren Wycoff

Marketing & Communications Officer, SCEDC

204-783-9190 (Extension 11049)